Selling Your Car For Cash in Austin: What Types Of Cars Do Junkyards Buy?

If you have a junk car on your hands, you may wonder if a salvage lot would be interested in buying it. A salvage lot’s interest in purchasing a vehicle is typically based on the popularity of the vehicle, whether it currently has the vehicle in stock, and — if it does have the automobile in stock — how quickly it can sell its parts. Therefore, the best best way to determine if a salvage lot needs your car is to contact the business directly.

Before you make the call, know this: selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard doesn’t require you to have a great looking used automobile. On the contrary, salvage lots frequently purchase vehicles that are worse for the wear but have salable components. If any of the following conditions apply to your vehicle, chances are that a salvage lot would still be interested in taking it off your hands.


An auto accident is one the most common reasons that vehicles end up in a junkyard. In many cases, wrecked cars have damage to a specific area, such as the front end, back end, or side. The areas of the vehicle that are undamaged still have useful components. Even if every area of the vehicle is damaged, a salvage lot may wish to purchase it for scrap metal.

Mechanically Inoperable

Every vehicle eventually stops working due to wear. Unless it is a classic car, an old, recalcitrant automobile is worth more to a junkyard than it is as fixture on the owner’s property. Most vehicles stop working because a single component or system fails. Therefore, mechanically inoperable vehicles typically have components that can be resold.

Fire Damage

If a fire happens in the engine, a fire damaged vehicle may not have usable parts under the hood, but the components inside the cabin and on the body may be in good condition. Even if it is no longer drivable due to fire damage, your chances of selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard are still good.

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If you are planning on selling your car for cash in Austin to a junkyard, call Wrench-A-Part. We offer some of the highest prices for junk vehicles in the salvage lot industry. We also offer free towing and pay you cash in exchange for the automobile’s ownership documents. To learn more about our services or receive a free quote, call our Austin location today.

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