Selling Vehicles to a Junkyard: Establishing Proof of Ownership

When they decide to sell a vehicle to an Austin, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, most consumers have their eye on the prize: the hundreds of dollars in cash they’ll receive from the sale. But before the money can slipped into a wallet, the seller is legally obligated to prove he or she owns the vehicle. Otherwise, ownership can’t be legitimately transferred to the buyer.

Options for Establishing Proof of Ownership

For most junk car sales, proof of vehicle ownership is established by the car’s owner’s title — the title document you receive in the mail after the vehicle is paid off. All junkyards accept an owner’s title as proof of vehicle ownership. Other proofs of ownership that an Austin, Texas, car buyer of junk vehicles accepts are:

  • Auction sales receipt
  • Mechanic’s lien,
  • Storage lot lien
  • Repossession affidavit

If you agree to a junkyard’s price offer, have proof of ownership in hand when the tow truck arrives to take the automobile off your hands. This will speed up the sales process and get you paid faster

Benefits of Establishing Proof of Ownership

“Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard without proving I own the vehicle?” The answer is no, unless you sell the automobile illegally.

If you don’t have an ownership document at arm’s reach, establishing ownership can require a bit of effort. However, there are three good reasons to do it: transferring proof of ownership separates you from responsibility for how the vehicle is used after the sale, prevents you from incurring legal penalties due to an illegal sale, and provides the buyer with assurance that you won’t try to unfairly reclaim the vehicle.

However you slice it, proving you own a junk vehicle prior to the sale is beneficial for both you and the junkyard that buys the automobile.

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