Selling a Junker to a Lubbock, Texas, Car Buyer: Does Auto Recycling Affect Price?

A Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard may participate in recycling. If it does, this is usually how the recycling progress plays out from start to finish:

  • The Lubbock, Texas, car buyer purchases an end-of-life vehicle from a consumer.
  • The business inspects the car for potentially faulty parts and removes them.
  • The car is placed in the salvage lot for consumers to “pick and pull” the used parts.
  • After used parts are sold, the junkyard sells the leftover scrap metal to an auto recycler.
  • The scrap metal is processed into new car frames and other products.

For many would-be junk car owners who want to “sell my car for cash”, a nagging question is whether the revenue junkyards earn from selling scrap to recyclers is reflected in the price offer they make to purchase end-of-life vehicles. The answer can differ from junkyard to junkyard.

Why would junkyards pay consumers for scrap metal?

If a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer decides to include a portion of a car’s scrap metal value in the price offer, it does so based on how much money it will receive from a recycler for the scrap metal.

However, when recyclers buy scrap metal in bulk quantities — as they often do — it can be difficult to determine precisely how much a single car frame is worth in relation to the voluminous stack of frames. If a junk buyer calculates the value of scrap metal into the price you receive, the value is likely to be a hard, flat fee.

Why wouldn’t junkyards pay consumers for scrap metal?

The main reason why a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer would not pay you for scrap value is because scrap isn’t the main reason why the business buys vehicles. Vehicles are purchased to sell useful parts to consumers.

Selling car frames to a recycler is a different business process altogether — one that doesn’t involve owners of junk cars, who have legally transferred ownership to the junkyard.

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