What Salable Parts do Wrecked Cars Contain

By the looks of them, most wrecked vehicles appear to be worthless to any business but an auto recycler. However, professionally operated junkyards are known to find plenty of useful auto components on a car that has been “totalled” due to a major collision that crushes at least part of the vehicle. In this entry, we take a look at salable parts that wrecked cars often contain, components that are valuable to a junkyard, and will allow you to sell your wrecked car to one.

Vehicle Lights

If your car suffered a major rear end cash or a major front end collision, chances are that the tail lights and front lights were busted beyond repair and considered a total loss. However, if your car was side swipped or t-boned, chances are that the lights remain intact and can be sold to consumers who need the light fixtures to replace recalcitrant lights on their own automobiles.

Wheel Tires

Because the impact of most accidents focuses squarely on the body of an automobile, its tires can remain virtually unscathed, with the only exception being the hard application of brakes that made the tires squeal as the vehicle tried to avoid being hit. Even when this happens, relatively new tires still contain a nice amount of thread and can be purchased as replacement tires.

Cabin Components

Because auto collisions primarily impact the body of the car, they often leave components in the cabin unscathed, especially small, centrally located parts such as auto gauges, gear shifts, rearview mirrors and steering wheels. Your car may look like it was hit by a bomb on the exterior, but if it has a selection of unscathed cabin components, a junkyard is likely to buy it.

Engine Parts

Some front end wrecks are so severe that they destroy the entire front of a car, essentially turning the engine compartment into a mass of reconstituted metal that has no usable parts. In most cases, however, at least some pre-owned, salable parts can be pulled from the engine. When you go to sell your wrecked car, the junkyard that buys it will make a note of this fact.

Need to Sell Your Wrecked Car?

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