When to Refuse a Junkyard’s Offer

In many of our blog entries, we point out the advantages of buying auto parts from a junkyard, or mention why you should sell your junk car in Temple to one of our locations in the nearby area. However, there also some situations in which selling your car to a junkyard isn’t such a great deal, depending on the junkyard to which you attempt to sell your used car or end-of-life vehicle.

Price Haggling

Price haggling is an accepted strategy for attempting to buy new and used vehicles for less than the sticker price. In most cases, the automobiles cost thousands of dollars, which helps explain why dealers and buyers don’t mind being tightwads, as they dicker over paying a few hundred or a few thousand dollars less for a vehicle. Because junk vehicles are typically worth a few hundred dollars, however, don’t mess with a cheapskate who wants to get the price even lower.

No Free Towing

Many junkyards — Wrench-A-Part included — offer free towing to customers who decide to sell their used vehicle that still drives or their end-of-life vehicle that is fit for the salvage lot. Because the cost of towing services could easily exceed the value of the car that is sold, receiving free towing services is essential for retaining a meaningful profit from the sale of the vehicle. If a junkyard tries to gouge you with towing fees, repay it in kind and sell your vehicle elsewhere.

Inflexible Prices

Pricing makes and models of vehicles at the same price, regardless of their functionality or number of salable parts they contain, is greedy at best and unethical at worst. Junkyards know used cars have more value than salvage cars, and that not all salvage cars have the same value. That’s why you shouldn’t sell your junk car in Temple to a junkyard with inflexible prices.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

Unlike unscrupulous junkyards that price haggle, don’t offer free towing services, and pay set prices for particular makes and models, Wrench-A-Part participates in none of these customer unfriendly practices. Instead, we don’t engage in price haggling, offer free towing services to customers who sell us their vehicles, and pay fair prices based on the age of the vehicle, the number of salable parts it contains, and whether it is a used vehicle or an end-of-life vehicle.

If you plan to sell your junk car in Temple, receive a fair price offer for the vehicle by offering it to Wrench-A-Part. We know how much your car is worth and will pay you a competitive price to acquire it. Then, we will travel to your location, pay you for the car, and tow it away for free.

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