Signs You Should Cancel the Sale of Your Junk Car

Most drivers who sell junk vehicles to junkyards receive a fair deal from the buyer, but there are also cases when a junkyard doesn’t exhibit the highest level of customer service, and attempts to conduct a transaction that is strongly in its favor to the point of being unfavorable to the seller.

This situation could happen in several ways, with the ways below being some of the most common ones. If you encounter any of these scenarios during the sale, you should strongly consider canceling the transaction and finding a new buyer that would offer you a better deal.

1. No Request for Proof of Ownership

When you sell your junk car, ownership of the vehicle should be transferred to the buyer — a task that requires you to provide proof that you own the vehicle. If ownership is not transferred, the vehicle remains in your name, which means you’re the one who is contacted about legal issues that pertain to the automobile. Transferring ownership protects you from this scenario.

2. Promise of Payment at a Later Date

When you transfer ownership of the car to the buyer, you should receive payment immediately and not later. Most junk cars are worth a few hundred dollars each, which means that a professionally operated junkyard shouldn’t have a problem promptly paying you in full. In fact, a successful junkyard is often eager to pay, as it helps the business keep less cash laying around.

3. Haggling to Drive Down the Price

When a junk vehicle is worth a few hundred dollars, the buyer trying to lower the price through price haggling is in bad taste, to say the least. Junkyards know that they can earn thousands of dollars from a single junk vehicle by selling the automobile’s reliable, used parts, and then selling leftover recyclables to auto recyclers. Consequently, there is really no precedent for trying to drive down the price of a junk car when the price is already quite low to begin with.

4. Expected to Pay for Towing Service

When you sell your junk car to a junkyard, you should receive free towing for transporting the vehicle from your location to the junkyard. If you don’t, you could end up using most of the money from the sale — and maybe even more — to cover towing cost. Free towing for purchased junk cars is ubiquitous in the junkyard industry. So, there is no need to pay for towing service.

Need a Reputable Junk Car Buyer?

If so, we recommend that you contact Wrench-A-Part to receive a free price quote for your vehicle. Unlike some junkyards to which you could sell your junk car, we request proof of ownership, promptly pay you in cash, don’t engage in price haggling, and provide free towing for the automobiles we purchase. To learn how much your end-of-life vehicle is worth, contact one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. Call us today to get started!

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