Sell My Car for Cash to a Salvage Lot: Should I Remove the Old Tires?

Tires are the parts on vehicles that tend to wear fastest. Even if you invest in the best model tires for the best brands, those tires will constantly roll down the road, pulling the car forward with however much horsepower you use. This is why tires commonly wear out faster than other auto components.

If you want to “sell my car for cash” to a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, you may be wondering: Would it help the sale if I removed the old tires instead of leaving it to the junkyard? The answer may surprise you.

Leave Your Old Tires in Place

There are several reasons a junkyard may want you to leave your vehicle’s tires on the wheels. For one, if the tires still contain useful thread that gives them more miles of safe operation, a customer might want the tires as temporary stand-ins for new tires he is saving up for. Deciding whether your car’s tires have too much wear is up to the buyer.

A second reason why a Killeen, Texas, car buyer may want tires left in place — even if the tires have been shredded in a wreck — is because they can be sold to tire recyclers, who pick them up from the junkyard, and then process them into various new products, from tires to rubberized mulch found in playground areas.

Long story short: You may end up receiving a better sale offer from a Killeen, Texas, car buyer, if you leave your tiers in place. Tires are usually valuable parts that are sold in one way or another, to one entity or another.

Let Us Make an Offer for Your Car

Wrench-A-Part operates as a professional junkyard, so we don’t expect to see cars with shiny new parts when we travel to customers’ locations and tow the automobiles for free. We simply expect to find a junker that has some useful parts we can sell to consumers, including car tires.

To receive an initial price quote for your end-of-life automobile, please call our Belton location today at 254-831-4905, ext. 1. If we decide to buy your car, all we ask is that you to have personal items removed from the car and proof of ownership ready, so the sale can transpire legally and smoothly.

To receive a free, no strings attached price quote for your junker, contact us today. Your cash payment for your junk vehicle awaits!

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