Sell My Car for Cash in Killeen: Three Price Killers to Avoid

If you need to sell an end-of the life automobile, a professionally operated junkyard is your best option for a Killeen, Texas, car buyer. Unlike private, mom and pop junkyards, a professional junkyard Killeen, Texas, is usually highly motivated to succeed in the business, moving a high volume of inventory and offering competitive prices, plus incentives that motivate junk car sales.

When negotiating with a prospective buyer, try to avoid making three statements to the buyer that could work against you by lowering the offer you receive for your vehicle.

1. “A hundreds dollars would be fine”

If you own an inoperable car, selling it for even a hundred dollars may seem like a decent return. In reality, the price of a junk car averages between $200 and $400 — and the price can rise higher if the vehicle contains multiple good parts that are in high-demand. If you think a $100 reimbursement is fair, that may end up being what you get, even if you deserve hundreds more.

2. “Can I sell a used car as a junker?”

Yes and no. Because people pay fair market value (FMV) for reliable, used cars, selling a reliable, pre-owned vehicle to a junkyard would yield a significantly lower profit, unless the business had a used car buying program, such as Wrench-A-Part.

Some Killeen, Texas, car buyers that don’t normally buy used cars make lowball offers for an operational vehicle, after learning the owner wants to “sell my car for cash” in a bad way. Plus, used, drivable cars often have plenty of reliable components that can sell for thousands. Some junkyards would sooner have a preowned car picked for parts instead of selling it used.

3. “I’ll accept a check instead of cash.”

Most professionally operated junkyards pay in cash for two reasons: It reduces the amount of cash in the business office, and it ensures the seller is compensated. If a tow truck operator arrives and offers a check instead of cash, ask the company to return when it can pay cash.

You surrender ownership of the car when you sell it, so you should receive a form of payment that can’t be canceled or delayed. If a seller suggests paying with a check or making payment at a later date, cancel the transaction and search for a new buyer.

Wrench-A-Part Can Help

Wrench-A-Part is a professional junkyard with three Texas locations: Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. We also serve the Killeen area, offering free price quotes, free towing services, and a generous cash payment for vehicles based on their general status: pre-owned cars that still drive, or end-of-life automobiles that are ready for retirement.

To learn more about our services and prices, visit our contact page and call our Texas location nearest to you. We look forward to learning about your vehicle and seeing if we need it in stock!

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