Sell My Car for Cash: Do Junkyards Buy Industrial Vehicles?

If you own an industrial grade vehicle, such as a dump truck, you probably either use it for work or don’t have much use for it at all. People who haven’t use for industrial vehicles can end up  owning them in a variety of ways, such as through inheritance, bidding on a group of vehicles at a business liquidation sale, and as a part of a legal settlement against a business contractor.

Understandably, consumers who “luck into” industrial vehicles often wish to luck out of them as quickly as possible. When the vehicles are at the “end of life” stage, their owners frequently offer them to junkyards, posing the question: Can I sell my car for cash to a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer, even if the so-called “car” is an industrial vehicle?

The answer is yes, but it depends entirely on the type of junkyard you choose.

Finding a Junkyard for Industrial Vehicles

Junkyards generally fall into two categories: those that buy consumer junk vehicles and those that purchase industrial junk vehicles. You’ll also find junkyards that buy both types of vehicles, but these businesses tend to be catchall junkyards that are either “mom and pop” operations or outfits that are interested in acquiring vehicular scrap metal for recycling.

There are also two categories of Lubbock, Texas, car buyers that solely purchase industrial vehicles: those that buy various kinds of industrial automobiles and those that buy a particular type of industrial automobile, such as an asphalt laying machine that moves on tracks.

If you have a highly specialized machine like this, your best bet is offering it to the latter type of junkyard. Because the business specializes in your specific kind of machine, you are likely to get an offer that’s truly fair, with an explanation of exactly how the vehicle is valuated.

Does Wrench-A-Part Buy Industrial Vehicles? 

No. We are a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that specializes in domestic and foreign consumer vehicles, although we happily buy heavy duty pickup trucks that are often used on industrial worksites, such as Ford F-350 and super duty Chevy Silverado editions.

If you have a vehicle like this that is ready for the junkyard, call our Belton location today at 254-831-4905, ext. 1, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to seeing your vehicle and making a competitive cash offer if we need it in our inventory!  

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