Sell My Car for Cash to a Junkyard: The Value of Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket auto parts are components that are installed after a vehicle is purchased from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), otherwise known at the auto maker. The components are produced by manufacturers that create special parts that don’t have the brand name of the OEM.

Aftermarket parts are usually installed to enhance the looks and/or performance of an automobile. Because the parts can be quite expensive — and are often installed at several places on a car — it’s only natural that sellers of junk cars with aftermarket parts would like to recoup a high percentage of their investment in aftermarket options.

Can I sell my car for cash and receive a higher than normal payout because it contains premium aftermarket parts? At most Lubbock, Texas, car buyers that operate as junkyards, the answer is no. Let’s explain why.

Aftermarket Parts in Junk Cars

When drivers install aftermarket parts, it’s usually to add flair and/or increased performance to the vehicle. However, when people shop for parts at junkyards, they typically do so to buy highly affordable parts that restore the functionally that defective parts destroy.

By extension, this means that applying a premium price for aftermarket parts usually isn’t in the best business interest of a Lubbock, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard. Because one of a junkyard’s unique value propositions (UVPs) is selling parts that cost at least 50% less than original price, they usually aren’t willing to shell out extra money to buy designer parts that are sold aftermarket.

Most junkyards happily buy automobiles that feature aftermarket additions, but they may not offer as much value for the parts as you would get if you sold the parts to individuals, or sold them to a used auto parts dealer that specializes in reselling aftermarket components.

Need to Sell a Junk Vehicle?

Whether you own an end-of-life vehicle that has aftermarket parts or only contains parts from the original manufacturer, Wrench-A-Part would like to hear from you. Among Lubbock, Texas, car buyers that operate as junkyards, we offer some of most competitive prices, as well as free towing services to remove the automobile from your location.

Let us know about your end-of-life vehicle today by calling our Lubbock location at 806-748-5865, or email us through our contact form. We look forward to learning about your car, and offering you cash if we need it in stock. Contact us today to learn more!

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