Sell My Car for Cash to a Junkyard: Do Aftermarket Tuner Parts Affect Price?

If you’ve ever been on a relaxing Sunday drive, and a car that sounded like it had a small airplane engine blasted past you, you probably heard one of the more annoying effects “tuner parts” can have on vehicle performance. But the driver of the vehicle could have paid thousands of dollars for those obnoxious-sounding muffler slip-ons that create the annoying sound.

When the car is retired and offered to a Belton, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard, would the expensive muffler add-on and any other high-dollar aftermarket parts and systems contribute to the vehicle’s value? The answer is often yes, but not in the way you may think.

The Reality of Aftermarket Tuner Parts

Aftermarket tuner parts are special components you can’t get from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For example, Ford is the OEM for Ford vehicles, while aftermarket parts for Ford are sold by various companies whose parts inventories have something in common: They are filled with components that upgrade the looks and performance of Ford models in a special way. Consequently, the parts are often quite expensive.

Naturally, a driver who has as extensive collection of aftermarket parts installed in a junker would like to recoup some of the premium investment in those parts. However, it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that no junkyard customer would pay $5,000 for a turbo drive and manifold set that originally cost $11,000 — and has since traveled thousands of high-perfomance miles.

When Tuner Parts are Practically New   

One situation in which tuner parts can sell for more money than standard components is when the parts are nearly new. In other words, the parts were likely installed shortly before an auto accident turned the tuner car into a junker.

A Belton, Texas, car buyer of junk vehicles may offer slightly more for a tuner vehicle if it contains nearly new parts. But the novelty of the parts holds virtually no value for two reasons: the cost associated with the novelty is typically far in excess of the cost of junkyard parts, and the novelty of the parts passes quickly. In addition, per capita, there simply aren’t many people interested in tuner parts.

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If you’d like to “sell my car for cash” to a Belton, Texas, car buyer that acquires junk vehicles, and your vehicle has premium aftermarket parts installed, it may be best to disconnect the parts and try selling them to individuals. But this is something to discuss with Wrench-A-Part.

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