Sell My Car for Cash: Should You Junk an Ultra-Premium Vehicle?

When we think of luxury vehicles, time-tested brands such as Mercedes, Jaguar, and Cadillac come to mind. While these vehicles are usually quite luxurious, their aesthetics and performance specs are often superseded by luxury vehicles that are considered ultra-premium, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce.

If you own an ultra premium vehicle that’s a junker due to a wreck or persistent, costly to repair mechanical failures, should you sell the car to a junkyard? Here are some basic pros and cons to consider before selling the vehicle to a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that operates as a professional junkyard.

Pro: Economical Way to Remove the Car From Your Possession

If your premium junker is taking up valuable space or creating an eyesore on your property, selling the car to a Killeen, texas, car buyer that functions as a junkyard is an easy way to take the vehicle off of your hands. The junkyard’s tow truck comes to your location, and towing is usually free.

Con: The Vehicle’s Parts May Have Little Value to a Junkyard

“Can I sell my car for cash to a junkyard, even as the vehicle’s premium status makes it ultra rare?” The answer is yes. However, your ability to sell depends largely on the type of cars a junkyard specializes in carrying. If a junkyard primarily carries mid-range vehicles that are popular with consumers, you may not have much luck.

Pro: The Vehicle’s Parts May Have Great Value to a Junkyard

On the flipside, your ultra premium vehicle may have great value to a junkyard, particularly if the business seeks high-end vehicles that offer outstanding performance and luxurious appointments. This type of Killeen, Texas, car buyer may offer you a premium junk car price for your ultra premium junker.

Con: Poor Return for a Vehicle With a Six-Digit Price Tag

If you receive a price offer for your premium junker, the offer will be a small fraction of how much you paid for the vehicle. While a low price offer is better than no offer at all, you may be able to recoup more money if you sold the parts to a luxury car mechanic or to private individuals.

About Wrench-A-Part

Wrench-A-Part is a Killeen, Texas, car buyer that operates as a professional junkyard. We routinely purchase junkers and used vehicles in the Killeen area. Whether you own an economy vehicle, a luxury vehicle, or a vehicle that is considered ultra premium, we’d like learn about the vehicle to see if we need it in our inventory of various makes and models.

To receive a free price quote, contact our location that is nearest to yours. We look forward to learning about your automobile!

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