Sell My Car for Cash: Can I sell a “Lemon” as a Used Vehicle?

Each year, auto manufacturers release thousands of cars that have manufacturing defects. In some cases, a manufacturer or one of its dealerships can correct the problem with ease.

But there are also defects that prove impossible to fix, even when mechanics spend many hours on repeated repair attempts.

Under state law, these vehicles are considered “lemons”, and the consumers who own them are entitled to a cash payout or a free replacement vehicle of a similar kind.

When Manufacturers Drag Their Feet

In the U.S., auto manufacturers not auto dealerships are responsible for providing compensation for lemons. Unfortunately, most manufacturers aren’t quick to offer a remedy. In fact, they often ignore lemon law claims until claimants hire a lemon lawyer.

If you own a lemon in Belton, and the automobile’s manufacturer is ignoring your claim, you may be wondering: Can I sell my car for cash to a Belton, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard? The answer depends on whether you intend to sell your lemon as a junk vehicle or as a used vehicle that still runs.

Because lemon vehicles typically have a multitude of good parts that consumers will buy secondhand, a Belton, Texas, car buyer that operates as a junkyard is often willing to buy lemon vehicles as junk vehicles.

However, no driver who understands what a lemon vehicle is would want to use a lemon for transportation. Because the law requires the seller of a lemon vehicle to disclose the vehicle’s lemon status, there is virtually no chance that a lemon car would end up in a used car lot.

Consider Consulting a Lemon Lawyer

Selling a lemon as a junk vehicle to a Belton, Texas, car buyer would likely pay you a few hundred dollars. Because the compensation you could receive under lemon law is likely to be greater, it makes sense that having a lemon lawyer review your case should be the first option.

With that said, not all lemon claims result in compensation. When this happens, selling a lemon vehicle as a junker to a Belton, Texas, car buyer is a sensible option. As long as you explicitly disclose the vehicle’s lemon status before the sale, the transaction is legal.   

About Wrench-A-Part

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