Sell My Car for Cash: 4 Myths About Selling to Junkyards

It seems like every business that operates long enough has myths develop around it that simply aren’t true. Take junkyards, for instance. Lots of customers have visited them over the years, and some walked away with tales that seemed valid at the time, seemed valid, but were mostly nonsense. Below are four persistent myths about junkyards that should not get in the way of your plan to “sell my car for cash” to a Belton, Texas, car buyer, such as Wrench-A-Part.

1. Junkyards are Dangerous

Some junkyards have safety risks, and some aren’t. A professionally operated Belton, Texas, car buyer typically keeps an impeccable lot with safety rules posted at the entrance. When people consider where to “sell my car for cash” to a junkyard, they sometimes envision cars stacked high in the air. This is commonly how car recyclers position cars, not junkards.

2. Junkyards Charge for Towing

Some junkyards charge for towing your junk car to the salvage lot, but many more don’t. Towing fees for even a short distance can cost hundreds of dollars, which is about how much the average salvage vehicle costs. If you want to walk away with all of the money from the sale, insist on receiving free towing. Plenty of Belton, Texas, car buyers offer it.


3. Junkyards Have Wild Animals

This myth is a corollary of the first myth in this list. Because they keep the salvage lot fenced in and vegetation-free, professional salvage yards usually don’t have problems with animals. However, at mom and pop operations, where cars are often left to rust, you could truly encounter some bothersome critters, from hornets, to snakes, to feral dogs that are sleeping in the car.

4. Salvage Parts are Sold As-is

Some junkyards have this policy, but there are also junkyards that provide warranties of various kinds for use parts. The warranties are generally designed for short-term use, so the customer can make a minor investment to see whether the parts work well. The warranty is usually inexpensive and entitles you to a refund or a free replacement is the part fails.

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