Self Service Used Auto Parts: 4 Traits of Customer-Friendly Junkyards

Some consumers perceive junkyards to be businesses that offer a low level of customer service. After all, most junkyards that sell self service used auto parts expect customers to “pick and pull” the auto parts they need.

While it’s true that junkyard customers are left to their own devices, as they pick and pull parts, certain junkyards do offer a high level of customer service. Here are four things that some professional junkyards do to improve the customer service experience.

1. Post Junkyard Safety Rules

Junkyard safety rules aren’t intended to make the pick and pull process prohibitive. Rather, they are there to keep customers safe, as they select self service used auto parts. Examples of safety rules include: no flame cutting equipment, no alcoholic beverages on the premises, no smoking on the premises, and no open-toe shoes.

2. Offer Engine Pulling A Frames

Unless you’re Hercules, there’s virtually no way to hoist a motor out of the engine compartment without some help. The assistance you need comes in the form of an engine pulling A frame, which easily lifts an engine out of its compartment. After you remove it, you’ll need assistance transporting the engine to the payment counter.

3. Offer Help Transporting Parts

In addition to being difficult to remove without help, large auto parts can also be tough to transport to the payment destination. A customer-friendly junkyard solves this problem by providing wagons and/or wheelbarrows for moving parts to the payment destination. You can’t take the equipment home with you, but it will help you move large parts while you’re onsite.

4. Have a Warranty for Used Parts

Used products typically don’t come with a warranty, unless they are still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. However, some junkyards offer an optional warranty that allows customers to apply a warranty to each parts they purchase (e.g., $1 per part, per day).


Some Killeen, Texas, car buyers that operate as junkyards don’t offer great customer service, but there are also junkyards that do. A Killeen, Texas, car buyer that emphasizes customer service frequently has four traits: junkyard safety rules, provision of engine pulling A frames, wagons and/or wheelbarrows for transporting parts, and an optional warranty for used parts.

Wrench-A-Part has all of these customer-friendly traits, and more. If you live in the Killeen area, and you need inexpensive replacement auto parts, visit our nearest location today. We’re proudly provide excellent service that keeps customer coming back for more.

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