Self-Service Auto Parts: Why Get Your Hands Dirty Removing Junkyard Parts?

If you’ve ever watched a professional mechanic at work, his or her hands are routinely soiled with a variety of engine fluids and accumulations of dirt from the road that collect on the underside of vehicles. This is similar to what it’s like to get self-service auto parts from a junkyard. You need to bring your own tools to pull the parts. And while your hands may get dirty in the process, there are several benefits of removing your own parts that make it worthwhile.

Cheaper Than New Parts

Acquiring self-service auto parts results in paying less for the components than you would pay to purchase them from an auto dealership or a mechanic. For the price of getting your hands dirty from removing self-service auto parts, you can save hundreds of dollars, and possibly more, depending on how many parts you buy. The money saved can be applied to a new car.

As Reliable as New Parts

Many pre-owned parts you find at junkyards aren’t old at all. In addition to buying old cars that are retired due to mechanical issues, we also purchase relatively new cars that have been totalled in a wreck. In some cases, parts from these automobiles are only a few months old and have the majority of their expected lifespan remaining. Pre-owned parts can be almost like new.

Option for Part Warranties

Most junkyards won’t let you return auto parts that you have already purchased, but some junkyards allow you to purchase a warranty for each part you buy. Wrench-A-Part is one of these junkyards. We give you to option to apply a parts warranty of $1 per part per day. If the warrantied parts malfunction while under warranty, you are entitled to replace them for free.

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Getting self-service auto parts may require you to get your hands a bit dirty while removing them, but choosing this option offers at least three benefits: you can get parts for less than you would pay for them from an auto dealer or a mechanic, you can acquire parts that are practically new, and you can apply a warranty to each part you buy in order to protect your investment.

To find out if we have the vehicle in stock from which you need parts, just check the online vehicle inventory for any of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. When you find the automobile that you require parts from, travel to the vehicle’s location with your  toolbox in tow, and remove the pre-owned auto parts that you need to improve your vehicle.               

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