Self-Service Auto Parts in Lubbock: Why Get Parts From Us?

You know that you need self-service auto parts in Lubbock, but you’re not sure which salvage lot to get them from. At Wrench-A-Part, we feel that we’re your top option — and not just because our parts are priced to sell quickly. When you get self-service auto parts in Lubbock from us, you get more than a fair price. You also receive the important benefits below that not just every junkyard offers.

1. Online Vehicle Inventory

There are two ways to see if we have the car you need parts from: Visit our salvage lot in person, or check our online vehicle inventory. Maintaining an online inventory helps us sell parts. It helps drivers avoid making trips to our locations if we don’t have the vehicle that they’re looking for.

2. Help Transporting Parts

We can’t help you transport the parts you buy back to your garage, where you plan to install them. But we can help you move parts from the salvage lot to the payment counter. We do this by providing our customers with wheelbarrows and wagons that are perfect for transporting single, large parts and collections of smaller multiple parts. We offer the equipment for free.

3. Optional Parts Warranty

We understand that some drivers are unsure about whether they’ll receive good reliability from a used auto part. This is why we offer an optional parts warranty at an affordable price of $1 per part, per day. If the part you buy becomes defective while under warranty, you can receive a refund, or receive a used replacement part of similar value. Our warranty program helps you protect your investment.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Our professionally operated junkyard is environmentally friendly. In addition to removing engine fluids from junk cars to help prevent soil and water pollution, we send scrap metal from junk vehicles to auto recyclers. The only parts of our vehicles that we don’t intend to recycle are components that simply can’t be recycled using current recycling technologies.  

See Our Inventory Today

If you’re looking for self-service auto parts in Lubbock, Wrench-A-Part is a great place to find them. All you need to do is check our online vehicle inventory, bring your own tools, and remove the parts you need from our orderly, well-maintained, safe salvage lot. We have four Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. See the inventory for our location closest to you today!  


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