Self Service Auto Parts: How Wrench-A-Part Helps You Get Parts

If you’ve heard much about purchasing parts from a junkyard, you may have heard the parts referred to as self service auto parts, which means that you remove the components using your own tools. However, when you get parts from Wrench-A-Part, you aren’t totally on your own. We provide the resources below to help you locate the parts you need, and acquire them quickly.

Online Inventory for Each Location

We maintain an up-to-date, online inventory for each of our Texas junkyard locations: Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. Don’t waste time and gas driving to a junkyard only to discover that the business doesn’t have the parts you require. Instead, check our vehicle inventory online, and only make a trip to visit us after you know we have the car you need parts from.

Late Model Inventory for all Locations

Many customers arrive at our website looking for late model auto parts. We help make finding the parts easier by providing an up-to-date, online inventory of our late model vehicles. Our late model inventory lists late model junk vehicles for all four of our junkyard locations. If you need late model auto parts, there’s no need to browse through the inventory for each of our locations.

Engine Pulling A-Frames

Not many consumers have the heavy duty tool necessary to hoist an engine from a vehicle: an engine pulling A-frame. That’s why we supply the tool to customers who need to remove an engine. The equipment stays with us after the engine is removed, but it offers an easy way to pull the engine, which you can transport to the payment destination using one of our wagons.

Wheelbarrows and Wagons

We provide access to wheelbarrows that are perfect for carrying collections of small parts and hauling medium size parts that are difficult to carry by hand. We also provide access to wagons that are perfect for transporting large, heavy components such as engines and unwieldy body parts such as doors. These resources help you get what you need and get on your way faster.

Get Self Service Auto Parts Today

Wrench-A-Part strives the make acquiring self service auto parts as easy possible. By using the resources above, in addition to your handy tools, it’s possible to get the part you need within hours of first needing it. To check if we have the vehicle you need parts from, visit our late model inventory page, or visit the inventory page for our Texas location closest to you: Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. We look forward to helping you acquire reliable parts for a great price!

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