Self Serve Used Transmissions

At Wrench-a-Part we offer used transmissions in our yard. With dozens of vehicles entering the yard daily, there are numerous used transmission options that will fit your needs.

Buying used transmissions can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Depending on whether you need a whole transmission or certain parts within the transmission the price will vary. The parts price list is online at where you can select the location closest to you or if you found your vehicle at another one of our locations you can select that location’s parts list as well.

Keep an eye out for our weekly sales to see if there’s an engine/transmission sale coming up. This is a great opportunity to save additional dollars.

We offer warranty on all of our transmissions at $1 per day and you can choose how long you’d like to warranty it for. This gives many customers the option to test and install the transmission and in the event it doesn’t work or there is any issues, you can bring it back with no hassle. Make sure to keep your receipt.

If you are doing a transmission replacement or swap you can also bring back your old transmission to us and we will pay you back the core charge. We also list core prices on our parts list as well.

All of our locations sell used transmissions with the exception of Late Model Wrench-A-Part which doesn’t sell engines or transmissions at that location.

Check out our inventory to save money and get the auto parts you need!

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