Salvage Yards Near Austin: Why Choose Us?

Most people visit salvage yards near Austin for one of four reasons: to remove parts from cars to replace malfunctioning parts, buy a used vehicle that’s still in good driving condition, sell a vehicle that’s reached the end of its life, or search for customized auto parts. If you’re trying to decide which salvage yard to use in the Austin area, below are four reasons to make Wrench-A-Part as your one-stop destination.

1. Remove Auto Parts

Most people go to salvage yards near Austin to remove auto parts that are crucial to the operation of a vehicle. The best junkyards to accommodate this need offer an engine pulling A-frame for customers who need to remove whole engines, and provide wagons and wheelbarrows to help transport parts to the payment destination. Wrench-A-Part offers this equipment.

2. Buying Used Vehicles

Salvage yards near Austin focus mainly on acquiring end-of-life vehicles to sell the reusable parts. But Wench-A-Part also offers competitive prices for used vehicles that are still useful as modes of transportation. If you need a used vehicle, purchasing it from us is likely to cost considerably less than buying it from a dealership. Dealerships tend to have high overhead, which can make a pre-owned car cost significantly more than it would if you purchased it from a junkyard.

3. Sell Junk Vehicles

You’re cruising along the highway when the electrical system in your old car loses power, until you dashboard goes dark. The problem may be the catalytic converter, but you aren’t sure. A mechanic determines the converter needs to be replaced, which would cost quite a bit.

If your insurance company “totals” the car, the most cost effective option may be to sell the car to us as-is instead of repairing the problem, and receive money to put toward a new vehicle.

4. Search for Custom Car Parts

Do you dream of building a car that corners like no other and has ultra sharp handling? Professionally operated junkyards often have components that can help make the dream real. If you’re building a “tuner car”, it’s worth seeing how much you would pay to customize it using parts you could find our salvage yard. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars if not more.

Contact Us in Austin Today

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junkyard with four locations: Austin, Belton, Lubbock, and Holland. If our Austin location is closest, contact us at (512) 501-6946, ext. 2, with questions about selling a vehicle, acquiring parts, or buying a used vehicle. You can also email us through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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