Do Salvage Yards Near Austin Buy Used Cars?

Many Austin residents drive their car until it becomes highly unreliable or experiences a mechanical failure that costs more to fix than the vehicle is worth. Driving a car until it becomes an end-of-life automobile is usually done to avoid making payments on a new car for as long as possible. But pushing a car to the end of its lifespan can be deceptively expensive; the older a vehicle gets, the more frequently it needs high-dollar repairs. This why some people sell their car before the odometer approaches 100,000 miles.

More often than not, reliable used cars are sold to auto dealerships or private individuals. Some drivers think these are the only options, but they also have the chance to sell a pre-owned set of wheels to salvage yards near Austin that buy used vehicles.

Why Sell Your Car to a Salvage Yard?

Like other salvage yards, salvage yards near Austin are primarily used to sell junk vehicles and buy reliable parts from the vehicles once they enter the yard. But some salvage yards near Austin have another business niche: buying used vehicles that still drive. Why should you consider selling a used car to one of these outfits? There are at least three reasons.

1. Competitive Offers

It may seems like an auto dealer would give you the best price for used car, but this usually isn’t the case. In the auto industry, it’s well-known that dealers buy used vehicles for exceptionally low prices, and then apply a big price markup. In fact, many auto dealers ear a higher percentage profit from selling a used car than from selling a new one.

Before selling your car to an auto dealer, see what salvage yards near Austin would offer. You may find the price is significantly better than what dealers puts on the table.

2. Fair Market Value

Because auto dealers tend to make low offers for used cars so they can apply a big price increase before selling the vehicles, they typically offer significantly less than a car’s fair market value, which is established by industry price guides such as Kelley Blue Book.

Salvage lots, on the other hand, often reference these guides when making an offer. Again, you may find that a salvage yard’s offer is much better than a dealer’s.

3. Free Towing

It’s almost unheard of for auto dealers to send tow trucks to pick up used cars free of charge. They expect you to drive your vehicle to their location. Conversely, most professionally operated salvage lots do offer free towing. They tow junk cars for free, and the same applies to used vehicles. Save time and money by having the buyer come to you instead of vice versa.

Need to Sell a Pre-Owned Vehicle?

If so, we’d like to take a look at your automobile and see if we need it in our used vehicle inventory. To get process rolling, call our Austin location today at (877) 886-5739, or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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