Removing Junk Yard Parts at Salvage Yard Helps the Environment

Most people sell their junk cars to auto salvage yards to earn some money and to clear their property. While the car may be ‘junk’ to you, auto part removal is the junkyard’s source of income.

They break down your car into various components, sell the usable car parts and recycle as much of the material as possible. So you can do your bit for the environment by selling your junk car to an auto salvage yard.

Recycled steel is more eco-friendly than manufactured steel

With so many resources and energy used for manufacturing a car and its parts, it’s better reusing these parts upon disposing of the car instead of letting it go to waste. For example, instead of using new steel, the existing steel in cars can be recycled to make new car parts. The steel received from recycled old cars is enough to manufacture millions of new cars annually!

Did you know that recycled junk yard parts like steel also helps reduce carbon emissions? A lot of greenhouse gases are generated in the manufacture of vehicles and parts.

Instead of manufacturing steel, it’s better to melt old steel to create new products as it’s energy-efficient and doesn’t have a huge impact on the environment. In fact, studies have proven that the amount of gas that’s released into the atmosphere can be reduced by over a billion tons if each person recycled at least one vehicle in their lifetime.

Abandoned vehicles seep harmful fluids into waterways

Many people make the mistake of abandoning their vehicles when they consider them no longer useful. This has an effect on the natural environment as with time, brake fluids, gasoline, coolants and power-steering fluids may leak into waterways. This is also why you need to find out and ensure recycling firms dispose of all auto parts safely without doing any harm to the environment.

Scarce materials can be recycled

Last, but not least, recycling your car helps re-introduce scarce materials like Lithium into the environment. Instead of auto companies looking for new material sources for manufacturing vehicles, vehicle owners can help by re-introducing these much needed components to the marketplace. Their actions also protect natural areas from further exploitation.

So why not do your part for the environment by recycling your car, and removing junk yard parts at salvage yards. If you want to learn more about auto part removal, and do your bit for the environment, simply check out more of our blog posts or visit one of our locations. See all blog posts and locations at our website: 

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