Recycling Old Vehicles: 4 Benefits of Removing Junkers From Your Property

If you grew up in a rural area surrounded by woodland, you may have seen one when you were strolling through the woods in autumn: A makeshift junkyard where inoperable vehicles are abandoned, and literally rust into non-existence.

Professionally operated salvage lots that participate in recycling old vehicles know that thousands of these thistledown junkyards exist. If you have one on your property, there are four benefits of having the vehicles removed and recycled.

1. Turns Junk Into Cash

If a professionally operated junkyard decides to buy your collection of junkers, you could potentially earn hundreds of dollars for each vehicle. If the vehicles are in such bad condition that they don’t have reusable parts, you could still receive an offer based on the value of the scrap metal from the derelict automobiles.

2. Helps the Environment

Because people who leave junk cars in the woods aren’t eco friendly in the first place, they seldom take time to remove engine fluids from cars they abandon. Gasoline might be removed and placed in another vehicle, but less costly fluids tend to be left in their reservoirs.

Over time, the reservoirs degrade and release the fluids, which can cause soil and water pollution. Having your old vehicles removed does more than benefit you; it also benefits the environment.

3. Makes Property More Salable

A third benefit of recycling old vehicles instead of leaving them on your property is that it makes the property easier to sell, should you ever decide to put it on the market. If there’s one thing home buyers don’t want in a new property, it’s major eyesores that require immediate attention. This includes car graveyards that are located in areas that are conveniently out of sight.

4. Removal is Free of Charge

If a salvage lot decides to buy your junkers, it will almost certainly tow them for free. However, vehicles need to be in a position where they can be towed (not down in a ravine, for example). As long as your junkers are ready to roll, you shouldn’t have to pay anything for towing. Considering that you could pay thousands to have the vehicles towed by a junk removal company, free towing is a major benefit.

Who We Are

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated salvage lot that pays cash for junk cars and used vehicles. After we sell usable parts from vehicles we purchase, we forward the scrap metal to outfits that specialize in recycling old vehicles. To inquire about our services, call one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock. We look forward to hearing from you!

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