Recycling a Vehicle: How Junkyards Benefit the Recycling Process

Some products are completely recyclable, but an automobile is not one of them. According to a new study by the United Recyclers Group (URG), roughly 75% of the weight of a consumer grade automobile consists of materials that will be recycled — primarily steel and iron.

This means that about 25% of the automobile’s weight is comprised of materials that are likely to end up in a landfill. The reason why is obvious: Many vehicle recyclers specialize in recycling metals and not other types of recyclable materials, such as glass, plastic, and rubber.

How Junkyards Make a Difference

Before vehicles fall into the hands of an auto recycler, they are often sold or donated to salvage lots (a.k.a. junkyards). While most salvage lots don’t actually recycle vehicles, they do benefit the process of recycling a vehicle by selling auto parts that some recyclers would not recycle.

For example, a salvage lot often sells the following glass, plastic, and rubber components to consumers before they send the scrap metal from a vehicle to a recycler: hoses that connect parts, windows, light bulb housings, dashboard components, and fluid reservoirs, to name a few.

Selling these types of auto parts before sending a vehicle to a recycler helps to reduce the

amount of material from the automobile that would be sent to a landfill. In some cases, the only materials that are thrown away are upholstery, rubber seals, and small plastic components.

Interested in Recycling a Vehicle?

If so, selling or donating the automobile to Wrench-A-Part can result in less of the vehicle’s weight being disposed of in a landfill. Our customers buy a wide variety of auto components from our extensive inventory of vehicles, including ones that some recyclers would not recycle.

If you choose to sell us your car, we’ll offer you a competitive price that reflects the fair market value of the automobile. If the car is undriveable, we can travel to your location and tow it away for free. Our free towing services help you keep all the money you earn from the sale.

For more information about recycling a vehicle, or to receive a free quote for your automobile, contact one of our three locations in Austin, Belton, and Lubbock. Recycling a vehicle benefits the environment, and we help to ensure that the least amount of material ends up in landfills.


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