Recycling a Vehicle: How Auto Recycling Impacts GHG Emissions

The environmental impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been one of the most talked about scientific subjects of the past 20 years. Since the advent of the green movement, companies and consumers have become increasingly concerned about whether GHG emissions deliver a toxic payload to ecosystems. This is one reason why professionally operated junkyards have become interested in reducing GHG emissions through auto recycling.

GHG Emissions and Auto Recycling

The operation of most junkyards produces little if any GHG emissions, but how they dispose of recyclable materials (particularly scrap metal) that are left on a vehicle’s frame after all of its useful parts are sold can have a significant impact on GHG levels. Sending the materials to a landfill means that more of them will have to be prepared from scratch, but sending them to the proper recyclers has the opposite effect: It reduces the need to create the materials anew.

According to the Automotive Recyclers Association, recycling a vehicle instead of sending it to a landfill results in GHG reductions of 220 pounds, 3,197 pounds, and 2,205 pounds for copper, aluminum, and steel, respectively. When a junkyard recycles each vehicle frame from which it sells parts, the annual reduction in GHG emissions can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Over the lifetime of the business, reduced emissions can soar into millions of pounds.

Consumers and Junkyard Auto Recycling

Not every junkyard makes recycling a vehicle from which it sells parts a formal aspect of its business model. Consequently, it is up to consumers to sell or donate their junk cars to a junkyard that makes auto recycling a top priority. In addition to sending metal to recyclers, junkyards have to opportunity to recycle rubber, glass, and some types of upholstery. Recycling these materials can also have a significant, positive impact on annual GHG emissions.

If you have an end-of-life vehicle that you would like to sell or donate to a junkyard that participates in auto recycling, offering the car to Wrench-A-Part is a great option for three reasons: We take recycling a vehicle seriously, provide free towing service for junk vehicles, and make some of the best price offers of any junkyard in the industry. We also operate four Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock to provide convenience to our customers.

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To donate your vehicle or receive a free price quote, contact us today by calling one of our locations listed above, or fill out the contact form for the location to which you would like to sell the car. Recycling a vehicle can positively impact on GHG emissions. Offer your automobile to us, and lets us help you protect the environment from the negative effects of GHG emissions!

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