Recycling a Vehicle: Cabin Components That Are Recyclable

When we talk about recycling a vehicle, we often speak of recyclable auto parts that are located on the exterior of the car, such as the frame, tires, and body. These vehicle components are some of the most commonly recycled auto parts in the world, but there are also quite a few recyclable parts that are located inside the cabin of a vehicle, particularly the ones listed below.

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions in many vehicles are comprised of urethane foams that provide excellent comfort. In addition to the comfort factor, foam car seats also have the advantage of being highly recyclable. Because not all vehicle recyclers take the time to recycle seat foam, it’s important to choose a recycler that does recycle foam seat cushions if you want the whole car to be saved.

Cabin Upholstery

In terms of how widely it is recycled, cabin upholstery falls into the same category as seat cushions. Not every recycler makes the effort to reclaim it, but there are several types of cabin upholstery that can be recycled, including: leather, polyester, and vinyl, to name a few.

These types of upholstery and others can be recycled to create new car cabin upholstery.

Plastic Components

The interior of most modern vehicles is filled with various plastics that are used to form everything from dashboards to steering wheel columns. Many of these plastics are exceptionally high-grade and can be recycled to create new plastic components for cars. Automakers will continue to use plastics to save money. So, this area of auto recycling is expected to grow.

Glass Components

Most modern vehicles have few glass parts that are located deep inside the cabin. However, practically every car has at least four windows whose glass can be recycled: the windshield, the back window, and side windows on the driver’s side and passenger’s side. When recycling a vehicle, car glass can be used to make new car windows and glass parts for other applications.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

If you want to recycle an end-of-life vehicle as fully as possible, it’s important to sell or donate the car to a vehicle recycler that sustains multiple streams of recycling, or sell or donate the vehicle to junkyard that supports auto recycling. At Wrench-A-Part, we approach recycling a vehicle by selling its useful parts to consumers, and then forwarding the rest of the automobile of to an auto recycler that is committed to recycling as many automotive components as possible.

To receive a free price quote for your end-of-life vehicle, call one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to making you a competitive offer for your vehicle that is no longer useful for transportation!


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