Why Recycling Your Old Vehicle Helps Protect the Environment

The practice of vehicle recycling has been around for decades, but some people are unaware of its environmental benefits. If you have an old car that you want to sell, doing so needn’t get in the way of recycling the vehicle. All you need to do is sell it to a salvage lot that participates in the auto recycling process. The salvage lot and a vehicle recycler will handle the rest. Below are four important reasons to recycle your old vehicle to help the environment.

Reduces Landfill Use

Landfills that bury their keep may look neat and clean from the outside, but underground they contain a cornucopia of materials and substances that are harmful to the environment. To make matters worse, those materials and substances have a tendency to combust and start subterranean fires. In terms of pollution, sending a vehicle to a landfill is one of the worst options.

Reduces Soil Contamination

Landfills are soil contamination incarnate. Everything in a landfill that can circulate through the soil eventually does, including engine fluids that are toxic to natural ecosystems. Once soil becomes polluted, it becomes that much easier for water to become polluted — and water pollution can gradually make its way from one hemisphere to the next without much resistance.

Reduces Water Pollution

The soil at landfills is like most other kinds of soil: it absorbs rainfall, the water from which can pick up contaminants and carry them into streams, rivers, ponds, and oceans. In landfills that contain vehicles, contaminants include engine fluids and semi-fluids that accreted on metal parts while the vehicles were in use, such as gasoline, motor oil, grease, and other strong lubricants.

Reduces Air Pollution

Remember the underground fires at landfills that we mentioned above? Despite burning underground, it is a matter of physics that emissions from the fires will make their way through the earth’s crust. The longer the fire burns, the more the pressure of emissions builds up, until it finally forces toxic smoke up through the earth’s surface and into the jetstream.

Contact Wrench-A-Part

If you’re looking for a salvage lot in Texas that will let you recycle your old vehicle to help the environment, contact Wrench-A-Part. We are a professionally operated salvage lot with locations in Austin, Belton, and Lubbock. In addition to ensuring that your old vehicle makes it to a vehicle recycler, we will also pay you for the car and tow it away for free. To find out how much your car is worth, call one of our three locations today, or simply use our contact form.

Make the decision today to recycle your old car to help the environment!

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