Reasons to Shop at a Pick and Pull Salvage Yard in Belton, TX

With the effects of the recession still lingering in people’s minds, getting a discount on anything is much appreciated these days, especially when the discount is for something such as auto parts, which can be quite expensive when purchased new. If you need auto parts at discount prices, shopping at a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, is an excellent option. If you have never shopped at a professional junkyard, below are some of the benefits you’ve been missing.

Great Prices

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: If you need auto parts at discount prices, shopping at a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, is an excellent option. In many cases, you can get perfectly useful parts for at least 50 percent less than they cost when new. Receiving great prices on auto parts is the reason why people decide to purchase auto parts from a junkyard.

Part Warranties

When you purchase auto parts from Wrench-A-Part, you can also purchase part warranties for a price of $1 per part, per day. Many junkyards sell components without the option of purchasing a warranty, but Wrench-A-Part lets you insure components to make you feel more comfortable placing them in your vehicle. For just $30, you can insure a auto part for an entire month.

Online Inventory

Today, many salvage yards give you the option of viewing their inventory online, allowing you to determine whether the car you need parts from is available in the salvage lot. The ability to shop for what you need online makes shopping for parts at junkyards similar to shopping for them at auto part dealers. Wrench-A-Part lists our complete inventory of vehicles on our website.

Onsite Assistance

Most junkyards in Belton require you to bring your own tools to pull the parts you need. However, some salvage lots also offer assistance with removing and transporting large parts, such as engine blocks. Wrench-A-Part is a pick and pull salvage yard in Belton, TX, that provides assistance with removing large parts and transporting them to the payment area.

Contact Us Today

Wrench-A-Part is a professionally operated junkyard that buys salvage cars and used vehicles that are still drivable. In addition to offering some of the best prices in the industry, we offer warranties on parts, vigilantly maintain an online inventory of our vehicles, and provide onsite assistance to customers who need help removing and transporting and large parts. For more information about our inventory and services, contact our Belton Location at (254) 831-4905.

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