Pick Your Own Parts: Tips for Getting Auto Parts From Junkyards

If you need to save money on replacement vehicle components, opting to pick your own parts from a junkyard is an excellent option. However, before you hop in your car and travel to the nearest vehicle salvage lot, there are some helpful tips that you should be aware of. By following the tips below, you will help make your trip to the junkyard a profitable and enjoyable one.

Buy From Professionals

Buying components from a professionally operated junkyard has several advantages over purchasing them from a junkyard that mainly serves as a repository for vehicles that no longer drive, and have already had many parts removed before they end up in the car lot. Not only are you more likely to find the components you need at a professionally operated junkyard; you may also have the option of purchasing a warranty for each part that you purchase.

Check Online Inventories

A professionally operated junkyard often lists its current vehicle inventory on its business website. This allows you to see if the junkyard has the automobile from which you need parts without traveling to the business location and inspecting the inventory firsthand. After you locate the vehicle you need, go to the junkyard as quickly as possible to secure the part you need.

Bring Your Own Tools

There are two types of junkyards: those that sell parts that have already been removed, and ones that require you to remove the parts you need. Shopping at the second type of junkyard typically results in paying less for parts, as the junkyard has not dedicated time and effort to removing the components. However, you will need to bring your own tools to remove parts.

Bring Help if You Need It

If you decide to shop at a junkyard that lets you pick your own parts, you may need to bring an extra set of hands to help you remove components that are heavy and/or cumbersome to remove. The junkyard may supply you with an engine pulling A-frame if you need to remove the entire engine, but beyond this, you will be responsible for removing parts on your own.

Know the Safety Rules

Most professionally operated junkyards have a strict set of safety rules that customers must follow. In many cases, you can read the list of rules by visiting a junkyard’s website, and the rules are almost always posted at the entrance to the car lot. If you aren’t familiar with a junkyard’s safety rules, you may accidentally violate one and be asked to leave the car lot.


When you pick your own parts from a junkyard, you pay significantly less than you would if you bought the components new. However, before you go to take advantage of a junkyard’s low prices, remember to only buy parts from a professional junkyard, check the business’ vehicle inventory online, bring tools to remove components, bring help if you need it, and read the business’ safety rules that govern the car lot.

For more information about how to pick your own parts from a junkyard, contact a professionally operated junkyard in your area today.

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