Pick Your Own Auto Parts: Use a Junkyard to Build a Hot Rod

Do you dream of rebuilding a classic hotrod but doubt you can afford the parts? If so, don’t give up your dream of building a cool car until you visit a professional junkyard, one that lets you pick your own auto parts, and carries a broad selection of automobiles, including some vintage cars that, if they were in good condition, would be considered sought after classics. If you are ready to start rebuilding, below are four reasons you should consider shopping at Wrench-A-Part.

Inventory Listed Online

You can search our inventory from the comfort of your home computer. If we have the classic vehicle you need to buy, you can call us to see how many parts are left on the car. If you simply need some parts instead of the whole vehicle frame, you can inquire about them, too. If we have what you need, just visit our salvage lot in Lubbock today, and pick your own auto parts.

Broad Variety of Parts

At Wrench-A-Part, we know our demographic includes people who need parts from various types of vehicles. That is why we carry a wide range of automobiles, and thus carry a broad range of parts. If you can’t find what you need at our Lubbock location, check the online inventories for our other locations in Austin and Belton. They may have just what you need.

Steep Price Discount

Most of our parts cost less than 50 percent of their original price; and in many cases, the savings are even greater. Buying new parts for a classic automobile is an expensive proposition, especially when you need to rebuild the whole vehicle. Wrench-A-Part helps you rebuild cars for a fraction of what it would cost if you purchased new auto components.

Warranty for Parts

The parts you buy from us may be used, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come with a warranty. Wrench-A-Part offers a warranty of $1 per part per day. Our warranty program helps you ensure that a part is dependable. If a component stops working during the warranty period, you can return it to us without hassle, and receive reimbursement or another part that is reliable.

Contact Us Today

Many of us dream of building a classic hotrod but don’t pursue the idea for fear it would cost too much. If the thought of buying a salvage sports car and parts to restore it sounds too expensive come to Wrench-A-Part and see just how affordable the project can be. We have a large inventory of salvage vehicles that constantly changes, and we consistently charge lower prices than other junkyards that let you pick your own auto parts. Check out our inventory online today!

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