Pick and Pull Car Parts in Austin, TX: Choosing a Good Junkyard

Drivers who are savvy about keeping the cost of auto repairs low know they can save money by shopping for parts at junkyards. However, not all junkyards provide the same level of service, and some of them can be downright dangerous to visit due to a lack of rules for the salvage lot. If you are looking for a professional junkyard where you can pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, choosing a junkyard that offers the following important characteristics is the best option.

Safety Rules

Junkyards that lack rules for the salvage lot put customers at risk of injury. For example, permitting smoking in the lot could cause a car fire, and so could using a cutting torch to remove parts. Not wearing closed toe shoes could cause physical injury, and so could showing up to the salvage lot with alcohol in tow. Customer oriented junkyards are serious about keeping you safe.

Customer Assistance

A junkyard where you pick and pull car parts in Austin, TX, should assist you with removing large parts, and provide hardware for transporting parts to the payment counter. For example, Wrench-A-Part provides customers with engine pulling A-frames to help you remove engines, and supplies wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting parts through the salvage lot.

Part Warranties

Most junkyards sell used auto parts as is; if something goes wrong with the components a few days after you buy them, you can’t return them. This is why Wrench-A-Part offers a warranty for all parts at a rate of $1 per part per day. There is no use in buying parts that may not work. When you buy parts from us, you can get them with a warranty that protects your investment.

Online Inventory

Some junkyards list their inventory online, which allows you to search for the vehicle from which you need parts while sitting at your home computer. Driving from junkyard to junkyard in search of a particular part is the old way of doing things. Today, people expect junkyards to have websites that list an inventory of vehicles, so they can save time and streamline the shopping process.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for a junkyard where you can pick and pull car parts in Austin, Texas, Wrench-A-Part is the junkyard to visit. We have iron clad safety rules that protect you in the salvage lot, provide prompt customer assistance, offer an optional warranty for all parts, and list our complete vehicle inventory online. For more information about our business and services, call our Austin location today at (512) 501-6946. We look forward to hearing from you!


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