Options for Selling Your Junk Cars in Lubbock, Texas

If you have a junk car that’s taking up room in your driveway or garage, you may as well sell the vehicle and earn some money. Despite being undrivable, most junkers still have financial value in their components and scrap metal. There are several options for tapping the value of these parts, from selling them on auction websites such as eBay to selling them to a junkyard. Below is a basic overview of how these options compare to each other.

Selling the Vehicle to an Individual

Individuals typically buy a junk vehicle under one of three conditions: to use it as a source of parts for the same type of vehicle, restore it, or sell it to a junkyard. Unlike many junkyards, individual buyers tend to price haggle with the seller in hopes of getting the vehicle for a bargain price. Unless the car is a classic model that demands a high sale price, selling it to a junkyard is likely to get you the best deal.

Selling Parts on Auction Websites

Selling parts on auction websites has three downsides: the website gets a percentage of the sale, people are weary of buying used car components from individuals, and you have to remove and clean the parts before you list them on the site. Selling rare auto components on auction websites isn’t a bad idea, as someone will inevitably want them, but selling standard components on a auction website is a slow way to sell your junk cars in Lubbock, Texas.

Selling the Vehicle to a Scrapyard

Selling a junk car to a salvage lot is to put the cart before the horse. Because scrapyards are interested in the metal in the vehicle (primarily the frame), they don’t place a value on components such as tires, devices in the cabin, and various components under the hood. Consequently, instead of being paid for both scrap metal and parts, sellers are compensated for the former. A junkyard pays you for every salable part of the vehicle.

Selling the Vehicle to a Junkyard

As mentioned above, when you sell your junk cars in Lubbock, Texas, to a junkyard, you are paid for each salable part of the vehicle. When you choose the right junkyard, you also receive the benefit of no price haggling, free towing services, an expedient sale process, and cash payment in exchange for the vehicle’s document of ownership. In most situations, selling junk vehicles to a junkyard is by far the best option.

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