Do I need My Title To Sell My Car For Cash

Do I Need My Title to Sell My Car for Cash?

If you want to sell car for cash that you no longer use, need, or want, you may or may not require a title. It all depends on the dealer in which you choose to work and their requirement process. You should know and understand, though, that it is very rare to find a buyer that will purchase your car if you do not have a title. In order to effectively answer the question of whether or not you need a title to sell car for cash, we are going to go with the fact that, yes, you do require this document. By having a title, you will avoid many complications and are considered no-risk to those that will pay for your car.

In order to understand why a car title to sell car for cash is necessary, you must develop an understanding of what a title is. In the most basic of explanations, a title to a vehicle is a legal document that establishes that you are – in fact- the owner of a specified vehicle. Upon purchasing a vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles that governs your state will issue you a title. Upon the sell of said car, the title is then transferred to the new buyer. Generally speaking, there are 3 distinct types of titles associated with vehicles:

1. Clean TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that has never experienced any type of major or severe damage.

2. Salvage TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that has been majorly damaged and is not considered worthy of the costs associated with repairs.

3. Rebuilt or Reconstructed TitleThis type of title is associated with a vehicle that was once considered to be undriveable and/or severely damaged, but has successfully undergone the repairs necessary to make it drivable.

When attempting to sell car for cash, you should ensure that you have the title so that the salvage yard knows you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and that you have the full right to sell said vehicle. Not only does this protect you, but, it also protects the salvage yard. There are many instances when a salvage yard will accept other documents in lieu of the official title. These include an “Auction Sales Receipt”, a lien from a mechanic, a lien from a storage lot, and even an affidavit regarding repossession. For more information, contact us today:

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