Most Popular Junk Cars Salvage Yards Buy

Just like brand new cars, junk cars also demand different junk car prices. While luxury cars like Cadillac fetch more cash for a junk car, it’s not just the luxury cars. There are other junk cars like these that can get decent salvage prices too.

1. Reliable cars

Salvage yards are also willing to pay better junk car prices for the more reliable brands like Toyota and Honda. These vehicles can easily be used for more than 200,000 miles, giving owners all the more reason to repair and continue using the car instead of selling it off. As these vehicles don’t usually give too many problems even after a few years of use, junkyards are more than ready to buy both the older and new models.

2. Rare and expensive parts

If you have an old car that’s full of rare and expensive parts, you can get better junk car prices by removing the useful parts like GPS, stereo and air conditioning compressor.

3. Unique cars

Unique cars like the Pontiac Aztec fetch better junk car prices. This is naturally because other owners who own these cars don’t have too many options to turn to if they require replacement parts.

4. The heavy cars

Sometimes the amount of cash for a junk car is determined not on the resale value of the car parts, but on its weight. It’s usually the older model vehicles built in the mid-1980s and earlier that have more metal, and are thus heavier than newer vehicles.

With some research, you will be able to find out which parts fetch more money. You will thus get more money for your car by selling valuable used parts individually instead of selling the entire car.

5. Lemon status vehicles

Sometimes a car is legally declared a lemon because of some safety problems or recurring mechanical problems with it. Though these cars may be unsafe to drive, they usually have a few used parts that look and work like brand new parts. So while you may not be able to sell your lemon car to a used car dealership or another customer, junkyards will quote rather good junk car prices.

Wrench-A-Part is constantly on the lookout for junk cars because drivers frequent their junkyards to buy used car parts and save money. This is why they offer some of the best junk car prices on the market, and why you have a better chance of getting cash for a junk car from them.

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