Do Junkyards Offer Warranties for Parts?

Buying used auto parts involves risks and rewards. For most consumers, paying less than 50% percent of the original price for a part is the biggest reward. But along with the financial incentive comes a corollary risk: Because the part is used, it may be less reliable than a new part.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cover salvage parts with a warranty? Actually, you can.

If you’re asking the question, “Do Lubbock, Texas, junk yards near me offer warranties for parts?”, the answer is yes. However, the terms and conditions of the warranties differ from one junk yard to the next. Below are three types of used parts warranties you may encounter as you shop for parts. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

1. 30-Day Warranty

Some junk yards offer a standard, short-term warranty (usually about 30 days) for each part they sell. On the upside, if a part has a major problem, it will probably rear its head within a month of the purchase, especially if you drive the vehicle regularly.

On the downside, you lack the flexibility to apply a warranty that lasts longer than a month. If a part malfunctions on day 31 after the purchase, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to buy another part.

2. Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty seems like the best option possible — and in a way, it is. The part the warranty covers is insured for life. Unfortunately, this type of warranty often has many conditions attached.

For instance, the warranty often applies to a specific type of malfunction, such as cracking. In addition, the warranty is frequently contingent on using the vehicle for normal driving. If you use your car in races or as a part of a transportation fleet, for example, you’re out of luck. After you read the small print for a lifetime warranty, the warranty often seems less attractive.

3. Per Day Warranty

With this type of warranty, you pay a nominal fee per day to warranty a part. Unlike the two types of warranties above, a per day warranty requires you to open your wallet. In exchange, it gives you the opportunity to ensure the part for as long as you choose.

For example, you may want to protect a costly, complex part, such as a transmission, for longer than you would protect a brake caliper. The per day warranty allows you to make this sensible decision, and protect your parts investment in a commonsensical way.

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“Do Lubbock, Texas, junk yards near me offer warranties for parts?” Yes, but your warranty options vary based on which junk yard you use. At Wrench-A-Part, we offer a warranty option of $1 per part, per day. This gives you the flexibility to place a part under warranty for an affordable price, for as long as you choose. There’s no obligation to apply the warranty; we simply offer it in case you need it.

To learn more about the benefits of getting parts from Wrench-A-Part, call our Lubbock location today at 806-748-5865. We specialize in supplying reliable, used auto parts!

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