Should You Junk a Wrecked Classic Car To A Salvage Yard?

A well-maintained classic car is one of its owner’s most prized possessions. Lots of money has usually been put in the vehicle to preserve its originality or tune it up with modern parts that create an interesting combination of old and new. So, from a financial standpoint alone, the last the owner wants is to wreck the vehicle. Unfortunately, it occasionally happens.

What to do With a Wrecked Classic?

Wrecked classic cars may look like they belong in junkyards, but are Lubbock auto salvage yards really the automobiles’ best destination? The answer should be given on a car by car basis. However, there are four factors that apply in each case. If you have a wrecked classic on your hands, don’t sell it before making the following considerations.

1. Can the Body be Repaired?

Some classic cars are worth hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars, and are practically impossible to replace. If this describes your wrecked classic, it might be worth spending many thousands of dollars to repair the body, if indeed it can be done. If your classic isn’t a high-dollar vehicle and can be replaced easily, you’re probably better off to junk it and get a different one.

2. How Valuable Are the Parts?

Unless a wrecked car is obliterated in a high-speed collision, it usually has some good parts left after the wreck. When it comes to classics, those parts can be exceptionally valuable. If the car has been out of production for decades and still has original parts, do some Google searches and price them out. You may be better off selling the parts to classic auto buffs instead of Lubbock auto salvage yards.

3. Is the Wreck Itself Valuable?

Sometimes, automobiles hold more than junk value, even though they’re in a junky state. For example, you could get thousands of dollars for an old speedboat hull that’s nowhere near ready to see the water. Classic cars can be the same way. Before you call Lubbock auto salvage yards, call a classic car dealer to inquire about the value of your car in its wrecked state.

Need to Sell a Wrecked Classic?

If so, Wrench-A-Part may be interested in buying it. But we want you to be sure the car isn’t worth a whale of a lot more than a salvage yard would offer. If you determine your vehicle doesn’t have that kind of value, give our Lubbock location a call at (806) 748-5865, or use our contact form. We’d be happy to take a look at your vehicle!

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