Late Model Used Auto Parts: Junkyards Vs. Mechanic Shops

If you own a late model vehicle that needs a replacement part, your first inclination might be to head to a mechanic’s shop, drop off the vehicle, and pick it up after the component is installed. But is getting the part you need through a mechanic really the best option? To help answer the question, let’s compare getting late model used auto parts from a professionally operated junkyard to acquiring them from a mechanic’s shop that sells everything in new condition.

1. Ease of Access

When you acquire parts through a mechanic, they’re often ordered from a parts supplier. When you buy components from a junkyard, you can get them on the same day that your need for them arises. The parts are in the salvage lot, waiting to be removed from the vehicles there. Pulling the components you need from a junkyard eliminates waiting for them to be shipped from a vendor.

2. Warranty Options

New auto parts almost always come with a warranty, but buying late model used auto parts from  a junkyard doesn’t automatically preclude a warranty. For example, at Wrench-A-Part, we let you apply a warranty to each component you purchase at a rate of $1 per part, per day. When you get parts from us, you don’t have sacrifice a warranty because the components are pre-owned.

3. Cost of Parts

Late model used auto components frequently cost at least 50 percent less than you would pay for them new. Auto parts are like the very vehicles they serve: After they are even slightly used, their monetary value drops considerably. But the drop in price isn’t always a reflection of how well the parts function. In reality, most pre-owned components have a long lifespan remaining.

4. Reliability of Parts

So long as everything goes right with the manufacturing process that creates them, new parts are typically more reliable than ones that are used. However, when used components aren’t far removed from being new, they’re often just as reliable as parts that are installed for the first time. The perception that new auto parts are more dependable than used auto parts isn’t always true.

Need Late Model Used Auto Parts?

If so, chances are that you can get the parts you need from Wrench-A-Part faster and for less money than you could get them from a mechanic. In addition, you can also apply a warranty to each component you purchase to protect the investment. To start searching for reliable, late model used auto parts, visit the late model inventory page on our website. We look forward to helping you acquire dependable parts for significantly less than you would pay to buy them new.

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