Late Model Parts Vehicles

It can be expensive to repair any vehicle and when you’re trying to look for parts for vehicles that are newer it’s even more expensive! Late model vehicles are cars that are recently designed and manufactured. This category applies to cars made in years 2005-2020.

The good news is parts from newer vehicles can be easier to find. The bad news is they are pricy. If you are looking for parts less expensive and are willing to put in a little leg work it’s well worth it to pull your own parts at a used self serve yard and save a lot of money.

Our Late Model Wrench-A-Part yard located in Central Texas, specifically Holland, Texas is extremely unique. It has over one thousand late model vehicles where customers can pull their own parts and get them for a fraction of the price. Most self serve yards have older vehicles, it is rare to find any years from 2010 and up, at Late Model Wrench-A-Part the majority of inventory is such.

If you cannot find the year, make and model of the vehicle you are looking for at Late Model Wrench-A-Part, it’s best to keep an eye out. They open new sections every few months where they release over a thousand fresh vehicles to inventory. Just recently in late August, a new section opened with 1200 new vehicles added to inventory.

If you are looking for parts on a late model vehicle, search Late Model Wrench-A-Part’s inventory here. Make sure to select Holland as your location. Search the year, make and model and if we have the vehicle you are looking for or a compatible vehicle you can bring your tools, enter the yard, pull all the parts you need and SAVE!

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