Killeen Texas Salvage Yards Near Me: What Separates Them?

Just as businesses in other industries have traits that make them unique to each other, so do businesses in the salvage yard industry. Are there Killeen, Texas, salvage yards near me? A quick Google search reveals the answer is yes. How do these salvage yards differ from each other? That question has more than a one answer; let’s look at some of the basic differences.

1. Free Towing Services

One reason people ask the question, “Are there Killeen, Texas, salvage yards near me?”, is because they have a junker to sell and wonder how much it will cost for a junkyard to tow it away. The answer? It depends on which salvage lot you use. Some lots don’t charge a cent for towing, while others nickel and dime you for every conceivable fee just like a towing company.

2. Purchase Used Vehicles

Practically every salvage lot purchases end-of-life vehicles, but some buy used vehicles that still drive, too. It’s worth mentioning, because salvage yards often make better offers for used cars than auto dealerships. A word to the economical: Many dealerships earn a higher profit margin selling used cars than selling new ones. The reason? They buy used cars for low prices, then apply high markups.

3. Offer Special Equipment

Here, we’re talking about equipment for removing parts from salvage cars. For example, if you need to remove an engine, it would be helpful to have an engine pulling A-frame on hand. It would also be nice to have a wheelbarrow and/or wagon for transporting parts you can’t carry. Some junkyards don’t provide these resources, but customer-friendly yards sometimes do.

4. Offer Part Warranties

New auto parts almost always come with warranties, but it’s harder — quite a bit harder — to find warranties for used auto parts. With that said, some Killeen, Texas, salvage yards offer the option of investing in an affordable parts warranty. The warranty option is typically a sign that the business closely inspects parts before selling them and are confident about the parts’ reliability.

Need Salvage Yard Services?

If so, Wench-A-Parts has four locations where we offer all of the services above. Whether you need used parts, have an end-of-life automobile to sell, or you need to liquidate a pre-owned vehicle that’s still reliable, we’d love to hear from you. To get started, call one of our Texas locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, or Lubbock, our send us an email through our contact form.

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