Tips for Removing Whole Engines From Salvaged Cars

Most customers at Killeen salvage yards buy vehicle parts that they can easily carry by hand. Sometimes, though, a customer needs something that a professional strongman would have a hard time holding: an entire car engine.

If you’re headed to Killeen salvage yards in search of a whole engine, you’ll need more help than a trusty tool box and a plain truck bed can offer. If you plan to buy an engine, using the three tips below can help make the operation a success.

1. Choose a Junkyard With Engine Pulling A-Frames

Hand lifting an engine out of a car is nearly impossible, even with strong hands on all sides. Engines are dropped into cars using a hoist mechanism, and that’s what should be used to remove them. An engine pulling A-frame is the perfect tool for the job. That’s why we supply an engine pulling A-frame to anyone who needs to pull an engine from one of our vehicles. Just ask and we’ll supply the hardware.

2. Create a Secure a Hauling Position for the Engine

Whether you use a trailer, a truck bed, or something else to transport the engine,

Be sure to secure it in position before you take the drive back home. The various metals in an engine make it quite heavy. If the weight took a major shift as you rounded a corner, it could hurt the engine and your vehicle, possibly causing you to wreck due to uneven weight placement, especially if roads are slick.

3. Remember to Plan for Help With Unloading

You may go to the junkyard alone to get the engine you need, but you can’t take the engine pulling A-Frame home with you. That means you’ll probably need some assistance unloading the engine when you get to your destination. Having the engine shift the wrong way and fall could seriously harm both you and your new purchase.

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If you plan to shop for a whole car engine in Killeen salvage yards, put Wrench-A-Part high on the list. We commonly sell whole engines and provide engine pulling A-frames to hoist them out of the engine compartment. We also provide wagons and wheelbarrows to transport heavy parts through the salvage yard.

To see if we have the car you need an engine from, search our online vehicle inventory, or call one of our locations. We look forward to helping you find a great engine that you can rely on!

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