Killeen Salvage Yards: How to Tell if You’re Getting a Good Offer

Owning a junk car is similar to owning a valuable antique: There’s what the object is worth according to price guides, and then there’s the amount you’re offered when you go to sell it. The two amounts can differ greatly. Why?

Supply and demand is one factor. If your car is in high demand by customers of Killeen salvage yards, and many yards don’t have the vehicle in stock, expect to receive more competitive offers than if you had a car few wanted parts from and most yards had in stock.

The other factor is how much particular junkyards decide they should pay you to swing the deal in their favor, while favoring your interest, too. Below are three easy ways to tell whether the price a salvage yard offers is a good deal.

1. Used Vehicle Vs. Junk Vehicle

Are you selling a car that’s still reliable, or is it inoperable? If you’re selling a vehicle that drives, expect a price offer close to what you find in a respected car price guide, such as Kelley Blue Book. When it comes to assessing the price of used cars, such a guide usually serves you well, providing a price estimate a buyer would actually consider.

2. Receive Three Price Quotes

If you’re selling a junker, it won’t be as easy to valuate the car with a price guide. The next best option is receiving at least three quotes from different Killeen salvage yards. Offers are likely to be in the same ballpark. But there are junkyards that do offer quite a bit more — or quite a bit less — than others. As the old saying goes, it pays to shop around.

3. Initial Quote Vs. Final Offer  

Some Killeen salvage yards make an initial offer over the phone, then make a final offer after inspecting the vehicle firsthand. When reputable junkyards do this, the prices are usually close, if not the same. If the prices are far apart, you may be the potential victim of a bait-and-switch. If you feel like you’re getting a raw deal, go with your gut, and choose a different buyer.

About Our Salvage Yard

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