Junkyards Near Me in Austin, Texas: Why Choose Us?

Wrench-A-Part has a full-service junkyard located in Austin, Texas — and so do quite a few other junkyards. If you’re asking the question, “Are there junkyards near me in Austin, Texas?”, the answer is yes. However, deciding which junkyard to choose requires some consideration.

To help inform your choice, we’re listing some of the main advantages of buying parts from us, as well as benefits of selling us your vehicle. When you compare us to the competition, we feel you’ll be favorably impressed, and decide to give us a go.

Benefits of Getting Parts From Us

For starters, we carefully inspect all parts before selling them. Defective, damaged, or excessively worn parts are removed. We backup our commitment to offering reliable used parts by offering a parts warranty option of $1 per part, per day.

Getting parts from us is also a good option because we provide equipment for removing large parts and transporting them to the payment counter. Bring your own tools to take care of small tasks, but we provide engine pulling A-frames for removing engines. We also provide wagons and wheelbarrows for transporting large parts or collections of smaller ones through the salvage lot.

Last but not least, we keep an exceptionally clean salvage lot that’s quick and easy to navigate, with safety rules posted for all to see.

Benefits of Selling Us Your Vehicle

Whether you need to sell a junker or a used vehicle, we offer highly competitive prices, as we only buy what we know we can sell. You can check our Austin vehicle inventory online, but bear in mind that, even if we already have your make and model in stock, we may need another one.

Another benefit of selling us you car is free towing services. We travel to your location to tow you car, charging nothing for gas, mileage, hook up fee, etc. Towing is always free.

Contact Us Today

Whether you need to buy used auto parts, sell a junk car, or sell a used car that still runs well, you’ll find our prices and purchase offers are some of the best in the business. If you’re asking the question, “Are there junkyards near me in Austin, Texas?”, the answer is yes — and Wrench-A-Part is one of your best options for the reasons above, among others.

To inquire about parts at our Austin location, please call (512) 501-6946 ext. 2. To sell a junk vehicle or a used automobile, call us at 877-886-5739. You can also reach us through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help!

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