How to Simplify Your Search for Late Model Auto Parts

A professionally operated junkyard is a great place to get a good deal on used, reliable auto parts. But locating the parts you need can seem daunting, especially when a junkyard has at least several hundreds of vehicles in stock at any time. That’s why we’re providing the three tips below that help expedite the search for late model auto parts from junkyards. Using these tips will help you cut down on search time, and get the crucial parts you need for your automobile.

1. Learn How Many Locations the Junkyard Operates

Some junkyards have only one location, while others, such as Wrench-A-Part, have several places of business. A junkyard that has several locations may have the part you need at only one or two of its locations. Consequently, knowing about all of the salvage lots a junkyard operates can mean the difference between getting the part you need and not getting the part.

2. Check the Junkyard’s Vehicle Inventory Online

Professionally operated junkyards often list their inventory online to lower the barrier to finding the parts you need. There’s no guarantee that a car like yours in the salvage lot will contain the components you require, but this search feature nonetheless helps you find the parts you need faster by eliminating trips to salvage lots to see if they have the car from which you need the components.

3. Check the Junkyard’s Late Model Inventory Online

In addition to offering an online inventory for each of their business locations, some professionally operated junkyards give you the option to use a search filter that focuses exclusively on late model auto parts. Some of these junkyards such as Wrench-A-Part, provide even a search filter for “new arrivals” for each business location where parts are sold.

The chance of a newly arrived vehicle containing the parts you need is quite good compared to the same make and model of automobile that has sat in the salvage lot for several days or weeks.

Looking for Used, Late Model Auto Parts in Texas?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are a professionally operated junkyard that has locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, and Lubbock. But you don’t have to call or visit our locations to find the late model auto parts you need. Simply search our late model inventory for all of our locations by visiting the search inventory page on our website. We look forward to supplying you with reliable, pre-owned late model auto parts that are ready to install in your vehicle today.   


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