Junk Yard Parts Can Be Removed Easily with the Proper Tools

Take Off Used Auto Parts- tools to bring to a junk yard

There’s a good reason auto scrap yards are so popular. They have a reputation for being the place to locate used parts at a low price for almost any type of vehicle. Perhaps you are the person with the utility gloves and shop coveralls behind the back seat of the truck in case they need put on to keep your daily clothing clean during a trip to the junkyard. If you seldom or have yet to visit, following are some tips about how to remove junk parts.

1. Know how to identify the part you want

The number of parts in an automobile engine range from hundreds to thousands! Hoses and other parts can interfere with the item you’re after. Take your vehicle owner’s guide with you and use the schematic inside to find where the part is located and its technical name. That will help the person at the desk check to see if there is any matching inventory in their yard.

2. Be safety-conscious

Tripping hazards are just one thing to watch for in a junkyard. No matter how hard the business tries to keep things in order, customers may remove an unwanted piece of equipment and leave it in the way. Wear gloves to avoid cuts from sharp metal. One of the best ways to remove parts at a junk yard is to use the right tools and avoid using unsafe tools. Even though a flame cutter is a quick way to get a part off, it damages other parts and makes them unusable. In addition, the combination of flame and flammable residue create a dangerous fire hazard. Use the proper wrench, screwdriver or other piece of equipment to make parts removable safe without causing damage to the surrounding area, property, and customers.

3. Avoid using extreme force

Even an exact match for the part you’re replacing can be damaged when extreme force is applied. Use a rubber mallet to tap parts loose. Carry an adjustable wrench in addition to a metric and standard set of wrenches and screwdrivers. The right tools make it easier to remove what you want. Using force warps or cracks plastic and metal parts, causing an improper fit or undesirable part. You may end up paying for the damage while searching for another replacement.

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