Junk Yard Car Parts- Average Car Parts Prices

Can you save money by getting used car parts at the junk yard? Car part prices can vary. Junk yard car parts can be a potential money saver if you know how to shop and what to shop for. There is no truly standard price average for junk parts, but there are a few things you should know before heading to the salvage yard.

Better Off New

When it comes to replacement car parts, there are some you are simply better off purchasing new. These are items that are generally just a few dollars higher at the parts store or are prone to malfunctioning. Here are a few items to skip at the salvage yard:

  • Spark plugs- not worth the trouble and probably ruined
  • Alternator- this part is prone to failure especially if it gets rusty. You would likely need to have one from salvage yard rebuilt, so you are better off skipping this process and repairing yours or getting a new one.
  • Thermostat- no point is cheap enough at parts store
  • Starter- these fall in the same category as the alternator. You might save a little in a pinch but over all, you are better off buying new or having yours rebuilt.

Save Money

Body parts, engines, transmissions and even interior parts are all valuable junk yard car parts. If you are attempting to repair your vehicle on a budget, here are some fast tips:

  • Upull- If you can find a junk yard advertised as U Pull it, you will save money. Of course, you need to have your own tools and the know how to pull the part you need.
  • Compare- Not only should you have the new part price in front of you, it never hurts to comparison shop multiple junk yards. Used car part prices can vary from one junk yard to the next, sometimes significantly.
  • Haggle- Just because a salvage yard quotes a price, this doesn’t mean there is no negotiating room. Offer a lower price. You never know, they might just take it!

Final Thoughts

Junk yard car parts are usually the most affordable option, but that does not mean they are always the best choice. Compare prices diligently and learn which parts should be purchased new if you want to get the best value for your efforts. Used car part prices will vary so don’t be afraid to check out of state, even with shipping, you might get an awesome deal.

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