Junk Car Removal Services in Texas: Avoiding Bad Salvage Yards

Junk cars can be considered several things: eyesores, useless pieces of machinery, or valuable pre-owned vehicles a salvage yard would buy. Even though your old clunker might be nothing more than a target for a gumball tree, its parts could be valuable to a salvage yard that offers junk car removal services. If you are tired of hearing gumballs ping down on its hood, it is time to call a provider of junk car removal services in Texas to take the vehicle off your hands. Before you make the call, though, it is important to know there are certain misconceptions a reputable salvage yard would never have you do or believe.

Pay a Removal Fee

If your vehicle has value as a “junker,” a salvage yard should pay you, not the other way around. If you use a junkyard where useless vehicles are compacted, or stacked on top of each other in a scene reminiscent of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” then yes, you may be asked to pay a fee. If you use a salvage yard, though, you should receive a payment instead of making one because salvage yards are interested in vehicles that still hold financial value.

Wait Weeks for the Removal

A provider of junk car removal services should haul away your vehicle within twenty-four hours after you call and inform them of your need. However, some salvage yards take on more work than they have the equipment to handle. Consequently, pickup dates can get pushed back several weeks, if not longer. If an unsightly vehicle is sitting on the curb in front of your home, you need it hauled away quickly, especially if your neighbors or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is starting to complain.

Wait Weeks to Receive Payment

Selling a used vehicle to a provider of junk car removal services in Texas typically results in receiving a check or cash on the spot. If a salvage yard wants to buy your vehicle, it should already know how much it would pay for it. Therefore, there is no reason to wait days or weeks to receive payment. If a provider of junk car removal services in Texas tries to suspend payment for your vehicle, call Wrench-A-Part. If we can use your vehicle, we will pay you for it right away.

Believe a Lemon Vehicle is Worthless

The word “lemon” is used to describe an unreliable vehicle. In the eyes of the law, though, a lemon vehicle is any automobile that exhibits a significant problem that cannot be repaired in a certain number of tries within a certain range of miles. Often, the problem deals with a specific component. The rest of the vehicle typically works fine, which means it has value to a salvage yard. If a provider of junk car removal services tells you otherwise, do not take lemons and make lemonade. Call Wrench-A-Part to find out what the vehicle is really worth.

Do You Need Salvage Yard Services?

If so, call Wrench-A-Part. We will haul away your vehicle fast, and pay you a fair price for the car on the spot. If you have a recalcitrant vehicle that you would rather repair than junk, we have an extensive inventory of domestic and foreign vehicles from which you can pull parts. To learn more about our inventory and services, call our locations in Austin or Belton today.

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