Which Junk Car Removal Services Help You Earn the Most Money?

Most junkyards that buy salvage cars offer the same basic junk car removal services. However, it isn’t uncommon for the services at some yards to result in you receiving more money for a vehicle than you would at competing yards. Which junk car removal services help you earn the most money when you go to sell your car? Below is a list of the services that profit you the most.

Pre-Sale Inspection

To assess the value of your vehicle, a salvage lot needs to inspect the condition of its parts. Because the value of your car to the salvage lot is based on its salable parts, this only makes sense. If a junkyard tries to get you to accept a price that isn’t based on a pre-sale inspection, it may not be giving you the best deal. Be sure to request an inspection before you sell your car.

Free Towing Services

Towing services typically consist of two fees: a hook up fee and a transportation fee. Together, the fees often amount to hundreds of dollars. This means that, if you pay for towing services, you probably won’t profit much from the sale. Concerning which junk car removal services help you earn the most money, free towing services can’t afford to go unmentioned.

No Haggling

Haggling over the price of a vehicle tends to send its price in one direction: down. Because the value of salvage cars is easy to project, most junkyards won’t waste their time trying to pay less money for a vehicle that is only worth hundreds of dollars to begin with. Those that do price haggle exemplify bad customer service. Always choose a buyer that doesn’t haggle.

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