How to Sell Your Wrecked Car for the Best Price

Many drivers assume that their vehicle is worthless after it is involved in an accident that causes it to be “totaled.” That is, repairing the damage to the vehicle would cost more than the car is worth on the fair market. After all, even when wrecked, totaled cars are repaired, the fact that they receive a salvage title is sufficient to scare away most potential buyers, as the title indicates that the automobile has a serious defect or has been badly damaged in some way.

One party that isn’t afraid of purchasing wrecked salvage cars, however, is a professionally operated junkyard, such as Wrench-A-Part. Because salvage cars often contain usable parts that weren’t damaged by the wreck, junkyards can resell the parts to consumers who need discount auto parts. If you are interested in receiving money for a vehicle that you would never use again, below are some helpful tips for how to sell your wrecked car for the best price.

Receive Multiple Offers

Chances are that you will receive roughly the same price quote from any professionally operated junkyard that wants to acquire your vehicle. However, some junkyards consistently make better offers than others. The more offers you receive, the greater the chance that you will encounter one of these junkyards. Receiving at least three price offers is highly recommended.

Request an Explanation of Price Quotes

Because a junkyard earns a large percentage of revenue from selling pre-owned auto parts, you want the price quote to be based on the value of the usable parts your car contains. If you sell to a junkyard that merely offers a flat price for certain types of vehicles, you may not receive the best offer, especially if the wreck has left most of the components in the vehicle undamaged.

Receive Free Towing Services

Some junkyards charge a fee for towing wrecked vehicles to the salvage lot, but there are also plenty of junkyards that offer free towing services to customers as a price incentive. Because the price of a salvage vehicle may be less than the fee that is charged for towing it, the most profitable way to sell your wrecked car inevitably involves receiving free towing services.

Sell to a Junkyard That has Fast Inventory Turnover

Professionally operated junkyards often have a quick inventory turnover in the salvage lot. The vehicles constantly need to be replaced with others, which means that the junkyard may pay you a highly competitive price to acquire your vehicles. Wrench-A-Part is an example of a professionally operated junkyard that moves lots of inventory and always needs new vehicles.

Want to Sell Your Wrecked Car?

If so, Wrench-A-Part may be interested in acquiring the vehicle for a competitive price. We keep many makes and models of vehicles in stock in order to serve the needs of our diverse customer base. Because we sell a large volume of pre-owned auto parts in a short period of time, we practically always need more vehicles in stock. To receive a quote for your wrecked vehicle, contact one of our Texas business locations in Austin, Belton, or Lubbock today.


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