How to Sell a Damaged Car: Tips for First-Time Sellers

If you have a wrecked vehicle sitting in your driveway, you’d probably like to get rid of it as soon as possible, preferably in exchange for some cash. Lucky for you, there are plenty of junkyards that will buy your damaged car, but not all of them offer fair prices and great service. If you need information on how to sell a damaged car to a junkyard, below are some time tested tips that will help you select the right buyer.
Choose a Company That Comes To You
When you sell a damaged car you should choose a junkyard that comes to your location and tows away the vehicle for free. Plenty of salvage yards offer this service, so there’s no reason to pay for the automobile to be towed. Because the vehicle is valuable to the junkyard, the company has every reason to tow it for free. If you’re looking for a salvage yard that offers free towing, call Wrench-A-Part today.
Select a Company That Offers Fair Prices
What’s a fair price for a wrecked vehicle? This is the first question most people ask when they need to know how to sell a damaged car. The answer depends on the extent of the vehicle’s damage. If it is not operable, an automobile’s worth is based on the value of its good parts. In most cases, you’ll receive a few hundred dollars — and possibly more — for a car that holds a fair amount of undamaged, in-demand components. Comparing bids from three different salvage yards is a good way to get an idea of what an automobile is worth.
Check the Buyer’s Record at the Better Business Bureau
You want to be sure that the buyer does not pull any funny business when it arrives to tow your vehicle, such as claiming the automobile is not worth anything, or trying to stick you with towing fees. Although checking a salvage yard’s record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can’t ensure that these things won’t happen, it can give you an insight into how the company operates. Unscrupulous junkyards often have unresolved customer complaints on their BBB record. Such companies should be avoided at all costs.
How Wrench-A-Part Can Help
If you need to sell a damaged car for a fair price, and have it towed away from your property for free, call Wrench-A-Part. We have two convenient locations in Austin and Belton, and will travel to your location on short notice to retrieve your junk vehicle. Finding out how to sell a damaged car does not have to involve trial and error. When you sell a vehicle to Wrench-A-Part, you can do it right the first time around. To learn what you need to do to sell a damaged car, call Wrench-A-Part today.

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