How to Sell a Damaged Car

If your vehicle has sustained damage, you may think that selling it would be a bad idea. How much can you honestly expect to profit when you sell a damaged car in poor condition? Depending on how you sell it, the answer might surprise you. For example, junkyards often pay hundreds of dollars — and sometimes more — for vehicles that have sustained serious damage. If this is your first time selling a wrecked vehicle, below are some helpful tips for how to sell a damaged car for a profit.
Be Sure the Vehicle Is Totaled
If you have full coverage on the vehicle, the insurance company will pay as much money to repair it as the car is worth. When the cost of fixing a vehicle exceeds its worth, it is considered “totaled.” If your insurance company will pay to fix the automobile, this is the best option. If you decide to liquidate the car after repairing it, you will likely receive a better price than if you sold it in damaged condition.
Locate the Title
Regardless of how you sell the vehicle, you will need its title to complete the sale. If you can’t locate the title, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will tell you how to obtain a copy of the document. Other documents that can take the place of a title are an auction sales receipt, mechanic’s lien, storage lot lien, or repossession affidavit.
Call a Junkyard That Doesn’t Haggle
If you want to receive a fair price, don’t sell the damaged car to a junkyard that haggles. Instead, offer it to a yard that presents a fair, flat price. If you aren’t sure how much the vehicle is worth, receive a quote from three different salvage yards. This will give you a good idea of what the car is worth in its current condition.
Choose a Junkyard That Offers Free Towing
This is one of the most overlooked steps in how to sell a damaged car and it’s free! Because paying to have the vehicle towed from your property or a holding lot detracts from the value of selling it, be sure to choose a buyer that provides free towing. Plenty of junkyards offer this service, so there is no reason to pay for your car to be towed.
Receive payment On the Spot
When you sign the title over to the buyer, you relinquish ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, be sure that the buyer exchanges payment for the title. If the buyer suggests sending you a check in the mail, stick to your guns and insist that you receive payment on the spot. A reputable buyer will pay you before it takes your vehicle.
Call Wrench-A-Part
If you need to sell a damaged car, Wrench-A-Part is the junkyard to call. We’ll offer you a fair price upfront and tow your car for free. To learn more about how to sell a damaged car for a great price, call our location in Belton or Austin today.

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